Here at Vee-Tek we have a range of high performance Composite Systems, each system designed and formulated here by us using the latest cutting edge technology.

Compset FR191 Fire Retardant FST Infusion

Our FR191 System boasts the latest technology in fire retardant epoxy infusion.

Ultimately creating a light weight, high strength vacuum infused components to be engineered without the limitations of ATH Filled systems. 

With a high performance, Halogen free, fire retardant epoxy infusion functions with combinations of an FST Gelcoat, laminating and infusion hardeners.

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Compset Novolac Tooling and Infusion System

Our Novolac tooling and infusion series is an ultra low viscosity Novolac Epoxy Resin system designed for molding process.

This system exhibits high heat and chemical resistance making it ideal for tooling molds, or where severe chemical resistant is required.

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Compset Universal Epoxy Composite Engineering System

Our Universal System is both a high performance infusion and hand laminating epoxy.

The ingenious system functions with one universal epoxy resin with four curing agent options. 

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Compset 5-2-1 Laminating System

Our 5-2-1 Laminating System is a high performance, low viscosity hand laminating system. 

Developed for the production of articles where thin film cure is a particular importance. 

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