Leuna Harze GmbH

Here at Vee-Tek we exclusively have a range of Epilox® epoxy resins, hardeners, reactive diluents, composites and Bio products available. 

Stay ahead of the changing industry with innovative German performance. Leuna Harze GmbH boasting over six decades of evolving industry performance. Introducing their Epilox® G Series BIO range.

Epilox® – Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins are thermosets with outstanding physical properties and exhibit excellent chemical resistance.

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Epilox®-G Series BIO MOVE TO GREEN

G-Series Bio epoxy resins are produced in a special process involving the use of renewable raw materials, the final products contain a carbon fraction from renewable raw materials.

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Epilox®-Reactive Diluents

Reactive diluents are low-viscosity glycidyl ethers of aliphatic alcohols and alkylphenols.

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Epilox®- Epoxy Hardeners

The choice of a suitable hardener has a critical effect on the final properties of cured resins.

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Adhesive systems, infusion systems and infusion laminating systems. 

Epilox® composite systems are DNV Approved

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Introducing the Epilox®-G Series BIO

Leuna Harze GmbH is proudly shifting away from petroleum-based to renewable raw materials. This approach being modeled on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework.

With a sustainable alternative being available for many resins and reactive diluents since 2012, complimenting the existing variants of the Epilox® range, there is no need for reformulating when making the switch to a more greener and renewable future.

The Epilox® G Series boasting a reducing of the CO2 footprint during the manufacturing process.

MOVE TO GREEN with Leuna Harze GmbH

0 %
Reduced CO2 relase in production (per 1kg Epoxy resin)
0 %
Biobased carbon in unmodified Epilox® Epoxy Resins
0 %
Biobased carbon in Epilox® Epoxy Diluents
0 %
Biobased carbon in Epilox® modified Epoxy Resins