Here at Vee-Tek we have a range of high performance structural adhesives, specifically formulated with the latest technology for your application. 

Compset 121 Gel Adhesive

Our Compset 121 Gel adhesive is ideal for application where the adhesive joint design is under stress movement. 

Having the perfect trifecta ingredients for adhesion, flexibility and toughness. 

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Compset 121 Paste Adhesive

Our Compset 121 Paste adhesive systems are specifically formulated gap-filling adhesive for structural bonding of concrete, masonry stone, granite bench tops and ceramics. 

Covers all bonding requirements and eliminates unwanted wasted adhesive. 

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Compset 221 Gel Adhesive

Out Compset 221 Gel Adhesive is a two part epoxy glue designed for bonding FRP parts, timber work and complicated composite structures. 

High consistent modulus enable physical property retention over a large temperature range. 

The Compset 221 Gel Adhesive has been a favorite choice of boat buildings and FRP designers for over 30 years. 

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