Our Surfset® Eco is a clear, optically brightened, 34% recycled BIOCarbon content epoxy resin powered by LEUNA-Harze GmbH, utilising upto 20% less carbon foot print during manufacture according to Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) measuring.

Specially formulated for laminations over white substrates such as PU and EPS Foam. Cures to a hard gloss finish.

Strong functionality and high Tg’s gives this sytem excellent flexibility and bending strength. This enables the system to be ideal for the manufacture of Surfboards, wave ski’s, kayaks and other sporting laminates.

surfset® ECO BIOCarbon content of 34% is produced by the reaction of recycled BIO based oils with waste salt water.

With this unique process, CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced before and during manufacture, compared with fossil fuel based epoxy resin alternatives.

Containing no solvents, surfset® ECO offers a safer alternative to conventional polyester based materials. No GHS08 Health Hazard ingredients are used in the manufacture of surfset® resins.